Digital commerce using Salesforce for an automotive repair training provider

Success Stories

Disparate Subjects, Disparate Delivery Medium, Disparate Instructors all brought under one digital commerce platform using Salesforce B2B Commerce and a Learning platform by Geval6...

About the Customer

The client is an Illinois based organization dedicated to providing the information, knowledge and skills to the automotive repair industry in collaboration with manufacturers, insurance providers, and equipment manufacturers.

The client required a modern platform to deliver their modernized recognition program designed to expand the knowledge and skill levels in the industry delivered through a subscription model. The new application replaces a home-grown solution that had reached its limits from the standpoint of usability, support for emerging standards, and extensibility.

Problem Statement

Transitioning to the new recognition program was complex. Existing customers needed a staircase model for a 3-year adoption cycle even while new customers follow the new program from day one.

Scheduling and managing instructor led training was being done through a distributed, volunteer-based team. Projected volume increases and major curriculum changes warranted centralized scheduling and management. This called for data to replace tribal knowledge for planning and mid-course corrections.

Outdated business processes and practices relied heavily on faxes, paper-based testing, etc. Digital transformation and self-service features were the need of the hour.

Our Solution

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud serve as the foundation of the solution for customer management, training records management, recognition programs. The shopping cart and customer portal are implemented through B2B Commerce. A native Salesforce application, Skedulo, serves as the scheduling platform and instructor portal.

Our Solution

Docebo, a learning management system, delivers online courses and provides a modern and easy-to-use interface for students and training managers. It is tightly integrated with B2B Commerce to support business processes involving sales, customer care, product management, and students.

Other key integrations include Stripe for payment processing and Auth0 for identity management.

The solution is used by over hundred staff members, several hundred instructors, and over seventy-five thousand customers. Multiple versions of two recognition programs, one for individuals and the other for organizations, are supported concurrently. These recognition programs are based on about two hundred courses. This includes hundreds of instructor led training sessions conducted across the country.

Shopping cart supports sophisticated business-to-business purchases that cover proactive public events and on demand private events held in customer premises.

Team Structure

A dedicated team consisting of a blend of SME, Technical Architects, Business Analysts, Developers and Testers are involved in the development and support of the applications. The team members work in a distributed manner sitting in different offices viz., at customer’s site and at Geval6 offices in the US and offshore.

Technology Portfolio


Schedule Management

Learning Management System

Salesforce Development


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Process Followed

Geval6 followed its typical Agile Methodology involving the following activities

  • Sprint backlog

  • Daily Scrum Meeting

  • Weekly Defect Review Meeting

  • Testing

  • Sprint release

  • To production after regression and acceptance

Benefits Accrued

The following were some of the tangible benefits seen by the customer

  • The time gap between wanting to do a course and actually doing it reduced by over 75%

  • Clarity on certification requirements

  • Instructors availability was tracked reliably