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Success Stories

Cost effective Digital Commerce solution provided by Geval6 using open system platforms and tools to maximize delivery quality without compromising on the profits...

About the Customer

Our customer, based in the US, is the leader in maintenance, repair, and operator training, with complete solutions for a 21st century workforce to acquire, apply, and adapt essential technical and safety skills. They provide online, live instructor-led, onsite, and innovative on-the-job simulations to fit every need and budget.

Problem Statement

The customer wanted the portal to be redesigned to use latest technologies and improve ease of use for the end users. The redesigned portal also was enhanced to have additional functionalities in managing the courses, user and certification, payments and analytical reports. The system comprised of two sub-systems viz., JADE learning and National Environmental Trainers (NET), addressing the needs of different categories of users.

The portal is a digital commerce site which lets new users to register, choose the courses they want to learn, make the payment online, complete the course in various ways including online, take an online test and get the certificate.

Our Solution

The following figure depicts the architecture of the system

Our Solution

The portal was built using all open source tools viz., WordPress for Content Management, Moodle for Learning Management, Bootstrap/Javascript/HTML/CSS for user interface, PHP for backend, MariaDB as the database. The system was integrated with as the payment gateway.

Geval6 had a dedicated development team following the Agile methodology to identify the development and support tasks to be completed, which were logged into a tool called JIRA.

Team Structure

A dedicated team consisting of Full stack Web Developers were involved in the development and support of the portals. The team members work in a distributed manner sitting in different offices viz., at customer’s site and at Geval6 offices in the US and offshore.

Technology Portfolio

Web Development




Payment Gateway

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Process Followed

Agile methodology was followed using Atlassian tools such as JIRA and Bitbucket for collaboration. Sprint tasks were logged into JIRA, tasks were further explained through requirements that were gathered through collaboration, and estimates were logged into the tool after which the development was taken up.

The challenge was that there was no development server was available to the team and hence the testing was restricted to unit testing and the integrated testing was only done by the customer.

Benefits Accrued

The following were some of the tangible benefits seen by the customer

  • Push selling was enabled and course sales increased by over 50%

  • Contract renewal was never missed out thus cutting out dropped sales

  • Accurate coordination between the customers and the instructors for scheduling ILT courses.