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G6 Educational Services stands out as an exceptional avenue for individuals aspiring to broaden their horizons and embark on academic journeys overseas.


Don't let Fear of the unknown put a stop to your ambition.


Birthed by Geval6 Inc., a seasoned company with over two decades of expertise in delivering top-notch technological solutions to renowned global enterprises, Geval6 shines as a beacon of guidance.

G6 remains unwavering in its dedication to facilitating clients in attaining their aspirations by

  • Extending seamless educational and comprehensive support services for studies in Canada, a nation acclaimed for its inclusive approach to international talent, G6 exemplifies itself as an invaluable partner.

  • Being an ultimate companion for those with aspirations of pursuing education abroad, adept at navigating you through the intricate process.

Fortified by a history of accomplishments and a resolute commitment to exceptionalism, G6 unequivocally stands as the preferred option for individuals striving to elevate their academic and professional pursuits.

Our Offerings

If you are considering a smart way to obtain Canada Permanent Residency (PR), there is no better option than flying to Canada as an international student. With G6 as your partner, every step involved in the process is handled meticulously.

Canada Permanent Residency

Canada Permanent Residency

  • Studying in Canada can eventually lead you to a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) of up to 3 years, and upon working there, you would have resided in Canada for almost 5 years. This will earn you adequate Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for studying, residing, and working in Canada, and Canadian work experience will give you a competitive advantage over others who seek PR.

  • We understand that many students and working professionals are passionate about pursuing a career abroad and achieving Canadian PR through academics. Our primary goal is to assist them in realizing their dreams by providing them with the necessary guidance and support throughout the entire process.

  • We can assist you throughout the entire admission process, from selecting universities and courses, to obtaining acceptance and visas. Additionally, we offer post-landing services, such as helping with accommodations, food, local commuting, mobile phone connections, and providing all the initial guidance you need to make your transition smoother.

Our Team of Experts

We have experts who have excellent understanding of what it takes to help clients settle down in Canada. All activities including immigration formalities, travel, logistics are all handled in a professional fashion.

Client Testimonial

Our clients are a happy lot and that is for a reason. They have been taken care from start to finish, well, there is really no finish. We are there for them forever.